Tenant charges - Non Housing Act & Company Let

These charges are for tenants when their tenancy is a Housing Act and Company Let.

Below is a list of our current fee scales. This list is a guide only as many vary depending on the size of the property. At any time you are interested in a property, please ask a member of staff for a full breakdown of fees that may be payable before, during and after a tenancy.

Most fees shown are Inclusive of VAT at 20%*

During your tenancy

Renewal Fees (Tenant’s Share): £120.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy

Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging for the signing of a further tenancy agreement.

Ending your tenancy

Check out Fee (Tenant’s Share): £120.00 (inc. VAT) per tenancy.

Attending the property to undertake an updated Schedule of Condition based on the original inventory and negotiating the repayment of the security deposit.

Tenancy Deposit protection

When you pay a deposit your landlord or agent must protect it using a government authorised tenancy deposit scheme. This is to ensure you get all or part of your deposit back when you are entitled to it and any disputes will be easier to resolve. Within 30 days of paying your deposit you landlord or agent is required to give you details of how your deposit is protected. This includes the contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme and what to do if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

When do you sign and what do you pay?

Once acceptable reference have been received an approved a date will be agreed for the commencement of your tenancy . It is essential that you sign the tenancy agreement and pay the initial money as stated on your tenant offer acceptance document which will be proceed by a member of Lawlors staff on payment of your administration and administration fee.

Rental Payments

All rent is payable in advance by standing order. Please note that all standing order payments should be made three days prior to your rent due date to allow for clearance. Should you experience any financial problems during the course of the tenancy it is essential that you contact us immediately.

The Agents Obligations

Our obligations will vary depending on which of the following services we provide for your landlord;

  • Let only Service - Tenant to contact the landlord for everything after the move in date
  • Let and Rent Collection - Tenant to contact the landlord for any maintenance issues after the move in date and Lawlors for any rent queries.
  • Fully managed service - Tenant  to contact Lawlors for any matters regarding the property.

You will be advised which of the above applies prior to your tenancy commencing, but should you need further details regarding a specific property, please contact your local branch.


  • Property Visits – Properties may be subject to visits. The purpose of these is check the condition of the property, its cleanliness , garden maintenance and the way in which the tenancy is being conducted generally. A mutually agreeable appointment will be made in advance with the tenant.
  • Pets - Should you wish to keep one or more pets in the property we will negotiate this individually with your landlord, and include a specific clause in your tenancy agreements. The landlord might choose to increase your deposit.
  • Council Tax – it is the tenants responsibility to pay the council tax directly to the local authority.
  • Insurance - the tenant is responsible for insuring his/her own personal effects and furnishings.
  • Burglary – Should the property be burgled during the tenancy, you should contact the police.