A flooded room

What to do in an emergency

What to do in an emergency

You are advised not to instruct a contractor directly except in the event of a genuine emergency, as the landlord may not agree with other reasons for a call out and therefore the liability to pay the contractor may remain with you. For the avoidance of doubt we would define an emergency as serious maintenance matters that endanger health or safety.


If you smell gas – immediately call National Grid on 0800 111 999 before instructing a Gas contractor.


In the event of a power cut call UK Power Networks 0800 783 8838 (or 0333 202 2021 from a mobile phone)

Water leak

For concerns over a water leak on the mains water please contact Affinity Water initially on 0845 888 5888. The supplier may differ depending on where you live.

Homecare plan

If your landlord has a Home Care agreement, please contact the company providing this. The most common providers are:

For managed properties

The Property Management Department is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm.  

Outside of these hours you can send us a maintenance report via our Fixflo reporting system. We will then respond to this as soon as we return to the office.

For non managed properties

Please call your landlord directly or any emergency number they have provided. If you are unable to contact them:

If you experience an emergency concerning lack of Gas, Electricity or Water, or fear there may be a leak, please do call an emergency contractor, above are some numbers to assist you:

If you have an internal water leak, please try to locate your stopcock and then call an emergency plumber.