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During your free house valuation our property expert will use their local knowledge and expertise to give you an accurate sales or rental valuation. 

As one of the leading estate agents in the area, we're committed to getting you moving. 

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Sorry, we are unable to provide a valuation for this address as it may be registered as a business address. A member of our Valuations Team may be able to provide more information. Book a Valuation to start the process.

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This instant value is based on local data and recently sold house prices in your area, . This is an estimate as we are unable to take the condition of your property and any improvements you may have made into consideration.

To get an accurate valuation based on a viewing of your property book an expert valuation now.

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Contact our property management team

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What happens at the valuation?

Looking round your property

Our valuation manager will come to your property and view it with you. They will consider the external and internal presentation of the property as well as the location and other key factors such as size of the garden and which way the property faces. You will also be able to share information about features in the property that you believe may enhance the property value. 

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Getting your property valuation

Our valuation manager will discuss with you what they feel the property is worth. They will share information on similar properties that are for sale and have just sold for comparison. 

Valuation manager
Using an expert agent

We will run you through all the benefits of using Lawlors to sell or let your property. We will talk you through our property marketing options that include professional photography and floor plans. We will let you know how we'll market your property through emails and calls to our large database of buyers and renters as well as listing on leading portals, our own website and social media channels. 

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Discuss the next steps

Our valuation manager will discuss the next steps with you, including when they think the best time to list is, what price you should market your property at and what our fees will be. They will then leave all the information with you for consideration. Once you're ready to proceed they can get it started for you. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost for a property valuation?

At Lawlors we offer property valuations free of charge. There will be a fee to sell your property, but this is only paid once the sale completes so you can be sure we're working on your sale all through the process. 

What is a valuation manager looking at when valuing my property?

The valuation manager will be looking at a number of factors when valuing your property. This will include things like location, number of rooms including bedrooms and bathrooms, if there is a study or outside office space. 

They will also be looking at the external and internal presentation of the property as well as the structural condition of the property. 

If you have any different features in your property such as underfloor heating, energy recovery schemes, additional land or parking options then you can share that with the valuation manager at the valuation. 

Can an estate agent do a remortgage valuation?

A remortgage valuation is different to sales valuation. If you are looking for a property valuation for a remortgage then it would be better to speak to a mortgage provider about getting a remortgage valuation.

If you are looking for mortgage advice, Lawlors partner with Embrace Financial Services.

I'm not sure if I want to sell or let my property

Our expert valuers can conduct sales valuations and rental valuations. If you are unsure of whether to sell or let, they will be able to help with both. You can book a property valuation by completing the form above and selecting the type of valuation you are interested in. 

What happens after I request a valuation?

Once you complete the form above to book a property valuation, your local Lawlors branch valuation manager will attempt to reach you using the contact details you have provided.

We aim to contact you within 24 hours of submitting the form to confirm a time suitable for the property valuation.

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