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Moving out of a rental property

Moving out of a rental property

Moving out is a fairly complex process which, alongside the next step of moving into your new home, can be stressful. Our useful guide provides hints are tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

Giving notice

Check your Tenancy Agreement, you may need to give one or two months’ notice of your intention to vacate the property, but this notice must be in line with the terms of your tenancy. Please call your Property Manager if you are unsure of the correct dates.

End of tenancy form

Once we have received notice we will send a form to be completed by all tenants as shown on the Tenancy Agreement and returned to us. This form will ask for your forwarding address and bank details, along with information on the utility suppliers in the property. Please be aware that failure to return the completed form may delay the return of your deposit.


We would like your deposit return to be swift and would like to end your tenancy on a happy note. With this in mind, it is useful to know, cleaning is the most common reason for delays with deposit returns. Reading your original inventory can help ensure that you are returning the property to the same level of cleanliness. If you cannot find your copy of the inventory then please contact your landlord who can forward a copy.

Do not forget that you may have special clauses within your Tenancy Agreement that require further services i.e. fumigation, chimney sweeping, and carpet cleaning.

Should the property require professional cleaning and you wish to use a contractor known to Lawlors please find their details below. They will be able to provide you with a quote for the cleaning required. It remains the tenants responsibility to ensure that the cleaning is to an acceptable standard however this will minimise any potential cleaning issues during the deposit return.

  • A1 Cleaning - Patrick Addison 07950 510403
  • BRS Cleaning – Hannah Uruci 01992 676392

If you are required to have the property fumigated as part of the Tenancy Agreement, Lawlors pest controller details are below:

  • Attack Pest Control – Rest Assured Pest Control 07956 460 865

If you decide to carry out cleaning yourself and the property had previously been professionally cleaned the landlord would be within their right to request that the property be professionally cleaned at your expense from the deposit. This includes instances where tenants hire cleaning equipment to carry out the cleaning or carpets or upholstery themselves as this may not clean to the same standard as at the commencement of the tenancy.


If there is a garden with your property please ensure it is in seasonal, tidy condition as per the original inventory. Should you prefer to use a gardener to ensure that the garden is left in the correct manner, you may contact any of the following contractors known to Lawlors:

  • JP Olkers – 07909 624 418

Domestic and recycling waste

Please ensure that any bins are placed in the correct position for council collection.

Changes to the property

During your tenancy, if your landlord has given permission for you to make any temporary alterations to the property you will need to ensure that they are returned as at the start of the tenancy.

Standing order cancellation

Moving is an expensive time for you so to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected outgoings, please cancel any planned rental payments with your bank once the last month’s rent has been paid. We are unable to cancel a standing order as this is an instruction between you and your bank. We will refund any accidental payments the first month and remind you to cancel your standing order, however, a charge may apply if the standing order still has not been cancelled in the following months.

Failed standing order set up/cancellation £24.00

Utility accounts

As at the start of your tenancy, only the account holder can close a utility or council tax account. For services such as gas, electricity and water (if metered), you will need to have your final meter readings to hand. The service provider will require your forwarding address so that they can send you a final bill.

Key return

The process at the end of the tenancy is for you to return all keys, alarm fobs, gate remotes and any parking permits that were signed over to you at the beginning of or during your Tenancy to Lawlors or your landlord before 5.30pm on your vacating date. Please note that once you have surrendered the keys to the property you will have no legal right to re-enter the property.

Check out

Upon receipt of your notice we will write to you and advise you of the checkout procedure. The checkout usually takes place the working day after the last day of your tenancy and the inventory company will invite you to attend. We strongly recommend that you take time to be present as the report created on this visit forms part of your deposit negotiation.

Prior to the checkout it is your responsibility to ensure that the property is returned to the same condition as at the commencement of your tenancy with particular reference to both cleanliness and condition.

Mail redirection

As the property may be empty between occupiers please arrange redirection of your mail. We are required to ‘return to sender’ any post delivered to the property after you vacate.