Why not hold your own Teddy bears picnic?

August 22nd 2017
By: Lawlors
Why not hold your own Teddy bears picnic?

With the August bank holiday nearly upon us if you haven’t managed to hold a Teddy bears picnic maybe the time is now. Lots of outdoor venues have held teddy bears picnics this summer but they are just as easy to host in your own Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford back garden, as an excuse to throw a party for family and friends.
We all know about Teddy Bears picnics from the popular children's song which is now over 100 years old as a piece of music. It was written in 1907 by John W.Bratton an American who usually wrote the lyrics for his own compositions. But for some reason with this piece of music sold it just as sheet music called "the Teddy Bear Two-Step".  
The lyrics were added much later in 1930 by a British songwriter, Jimmy Kennedy who renamed the song “The Teddy Bears picnic". Inspiring the concept of a real teddy bears picnic as a real day out for all the family. But what does a teddy picnic day out consist of?
There are not really and hard and fast rules but in most cases the idea is that everyone brings a Teddy bear.  Some people like to dress their bears up but ancient well-loved teddies are usually welcome even if they are a bit   dog-eared.
A picnic needs to be made and should ideally include things a bear would like to eat too. So cupcakes and honey sandwiches are often on the list. Maybe a marmalade sandwich or two in honour of Paddington a truly English Bear?
You can play teddy related games such as Hide and Seek where you hide your bear and others have to find him. And special prizes can be given out for the best dressed bear or cutest bear (categories are up to you and your family to decide on of course).