Tech presents

December 18th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Tech presents

If you like your Chigwell, Woodford and Loughton home to be up to date with some of the latest gadgets, Christmas can be a good time to treat yourself of someone you love to a bit of high tech. 

If you like top quality sound systems have you seen The Echo Plus smart speakers? They come with a built-in smart home hub, which can act as the nerve centre for other smart home devices, such as lights, plugs and appliances. They are available in black, white and silver, and can be found from just £139.99.

Then there’s the Sonos PlayBase a thin, but powerful speaker that is designed to look like a slab of granite. This two-in-one device really does bring full-cinema sound to your TV and streams music too. The PlayBase available in black and white, and can be found for about £699.

If it’s a bit of gaming you are into have you seen the "world's first gaming robot"? The MekaMon robot is a multifunctional, connected battle-bot with augmented reality capabilities controlled by an app on your iPhone or iPad. It comes in white or black, at a price of £299.95.

And recently Nintendo has shaken up the gaming market again with its Switch console; it combines the power of a traditional home games console with the convenience and portability of a handheld device. There are lots of configuration options but the basic console costs about £279.99