Taste of the tropics in Woodford

November 15th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Taste of the tropics in Woodford

If you fancy getting better at creating the taste of the tropic in Woodford you are in for a treat with Lapan Cooking. They offer small classes teaching Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Singaporean home cooking.  Their in-depth cookery classes are completely hands-on and based in a comfortable home kitchen in Woodford Green.

If you love the taste of the tropics and want to bring it into your own Woodford, Loughton or Chigwell kitchen then you need to find out more about the lessons

conducted by Fran, who has more than ten years of experience as a cookery teacher and Southeast Asian food specialist. 

The classes are small with a maximum of 5 students and they last approximately three hours. A full explanation of ingredients and loads of cooking tips, including knife skills and flavour balancing will be coming your way if you book a course for you or a member of your family. It’s a great Woodford, Loughton or Chigwell Christmas present for the cook in your family kitchen.

Malaysian cooking is less chilli-heavy than Thai with a beguiling sweetness with food this diverse and appealing, it's surprising that Thailand, not Malaysia has cornered the British market. But why not try your hand at both in Woodford?

It's not hard to get used to Malaysian flavours. They are, less chilli-heavy than the often eye-watering heat of authentic Thai recipes. Malaysians also love fish, not just fresh but as tiny dried whitebait-like Ikan Bilisand Belacan, or shrimp paste, which quickly becomes addictive. Think of it as a solid form of the Thai fish sauce we are so used to.

As with British food, a lot of Malaysian and Thai food is all about domestic cookery rather than high-end cuisine, so there should be no problem recreating the dishes at home once you have mastered the basics with Lapan Cooking in Woodford.