Pool on your Christmas wish list?

November 1st 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Pool on your Christmas wish list?

There might not be enough time to have this built by Christmas but there is no harm in coming up with a list. Many luxury Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford homes already have some kind of pool or spa facilities.  But if simply having the luxury of a swimming pool within the confines of your home isn't enough how about also transforming it into a stunning piece of art too?
There are some indoor swimming pools on the market that also boasts the most beautiful ceramic mural designs. The pool designs can be bespoke projects and they really do take tile and pool design to the next level. Aqua Platinum Projects take on a host of design briefs to include whatever you desire from an integrated slatted cover and bespoke handmade ceramic fish to stainless steel features including a lily pad shaped volcano jet, neck jets and a sanitation system.
Pool design consultant Craig Bragdy describes a recent project; 'The design process started with a classical and symmetrical floral art nouveau design,' 'The floral element of this art nouveau design and the detail of our work had the client thinking about their beautiful landscape gardens and how this may be incorporated into their pool design. ‘From this design concept, we worked with the client on the theme of a water lily design taking inspiration from their gardens with a hint on Monet 'The Water Lily Pond.'
Of course a simple swimming pool for your family and friends to enjoy is a delight in any Chigwell home but there is no harm in exploring how you could take your indoor pool environment to the next level.