Jamie Oliver’s new 5 Ingredients

September 20th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Jamie Oliver’s new 5 Ingredients

Love him or hate him the Essex boy has done good and his new Channel 4 series - Jamie's Quick and Easy Food- accompanied by his 20th book and 5 ingredients – Quick & Easy Food is full or great ideas for really tasty healthy food to knock together in your Chigwell kitchen.

The collection of recipes the publishers say provide for, “every rushed metropolitan’s dream: great, simple-to-knock-out meals made from only five elements. Nirvana without a shopping list.” The food is mainly low-carb delicious delights like chilli crab silky omelette and crispy squid, and the 5 Ingredients idea is infectious due to the unstoppable enthusiasm and success of the man who wrote it.
Oliver has a personal publishing, broadcasting and catering empire worth some £150 million. His television series are worldwide hits. Yet perhaps the most remarkable thing about the dyslexic 42-year-old is his success as an author! In 2015 alone UK sales of his 20th book, Everyday Super Food, were £7.3 million. In the same year, Oliver became only the second British author, after JK Rowling, to sell more than £150 million worth of books.
He admits pressure to find a new angle gets harder. “Five ingredients sounds slightly cheesy”, he says, “but people want and expect a certain twist. Just giving you a good recipe is not what I do. It’s got to have a little slap, a little kick, a little surprise. “. And he says, “5 Ingredients is pretty chunky, you get 136 recipes for your money.”