Dreaming of a Victorian Christmas Tree?

December 6th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Dreaming of a Victorian Christmas Tree?

Some people like to set up their Christmas tree at the beginning of December, some on the solstice as the light begins slowly to return, others on Christmas eve. Whatever your Chigwell, Woodford or Loughton preference there is still nothing quite as magical as a traditional Victorian Christmas tree.
The first Christmas tree was introduced into England around 1841 when the German Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria decorated a large Christmas tree at Windsor Castle for his children to enjoy. The tree reminded him of his own childhood celebrations in Germany, the Christmas tree had long been a part of German traditions, since the 18th century.
The Prince, writing to his father, said: “This is the dear Christmas eve on which I have so often listened with impatience for your step, which was to convey us into the gift-room. Today I have two children of my own to make gifts to, who, they know not why, are full of happy wonder at the German Christmas-tree and its radiant candles.” That same Christmas, Queen Victoria wrote in her journal, “To think that we have two children now, and one who enjoys the sight already (the Christmas-tree); it is like a dream.”
Soon after, this magical tradition became part of the English celebrations - to set up a large tree and decorate it with lighted candles, candies, and fancy cakes hung from the branches by ribbon and by paper chains. Of course you also have the wonderful pine smell of a real tree to enjoy as well.