Creative Monkeys Messy Play in Chigwell

July 17th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Creative Monkeys Messy Play in Chigwell

With the summer holidays soon upon us in Chigwell, Loughton and Woodford it’s time to find activities you can enjoy with the little ones like Creative Monkeys. They run some messy play on Fridays at 9:30 am at the Grange Farm Centre. You can find the Grange Farm Centre on Grange Farm Lane (off High Rd), Chigwell, IG7 6DP.

The Creative Monkeys sessions offer the ultimate in Messy play for pre-school children. They use a variety of play materials including; Sand & Water Stations, Painting & Arts & crafts, Foam, Playdough, Baking, Role Play, Music & more.

Many parents are put off by messy play, the idea of finger painting or crafts sounds fun at first, and then the reality of paint, glue and glitter getting everywhere sets in. It can all seem a bit much if you are a proud Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford homeowner. However, many studies have shown that messy play is one of the best ways for our children to learn and develop, so maybe it is time to find ways of helping them get messy.

The research says that messy play is important for young children as if gives them endless ways to develop and learn. It helps them to; improve physical skills and coordination, work cooperatively and collaboratively, use all their senses to discover and explore their environment, and develop their imagination, creative thinking and ability to problem solve. 

There are no right or wrongs about messy play, it’s just about letting children explore and experiment with different objects and raw materials without any end goals to restrict them. For example, although toys can be fun, such as a toy car, children are restricted in the ways that they can use them. With raw materials such as sand, water, chalk, paint, play dough or paste, children’s imaginations can run wild and they can spend a long time exploring these, making their own discoveries, stimulating their curiosity and developing their knowledge.

With messy play, the sensory experience also helps children to understand their senses. By exploring how things feel, smell and taste, this type of play nurtures an awareness and understanding of the world that surrounds them. So might be worth checking out Creative Monkeys in Chigwell.