A splash of art

November 21st 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
A splash of art

Despite the importance of trends for the home there is also a distinct shift towards diversifying design when it comes to fashion, art and music. And for some in the world of interiors it’s no different.  Bespoke high-end furnishings which double up as works of art, are on-trend right now, according to Suna Interior Design.
If an exclusive modern, stylish home in Chigwell, Lougton or Woodford is close to your heart and a delight because of its proximity to the cultural hub of the capital city centre then you might be interested that Prudence Forde, Senior Interior Designer at Suna Interior Design, comments: “In a chain driven culture, the desire to diversify and stand apart is apparent, particularly in interiors, and our own dwellings are no exception. Potential home buyers are looking to bring unique experiences home more than ever.”
Many modern homes echo the geometric exterior and white framing inspired by renowned artist, Mondrian, but interiors can be strongly inspired by a whole host of things including the artwork of the city they are close to. Bespoke paintings in the living room, which are a nod to the nearby galleries, or a sculptural copper pendant light in a guest bedroom, bring a distinctive identity.
With so much culture on your doorstep in Chigwell, it is almost impossible to decide which artist or art work from a London gallery inspires you, but it might well be worth the time looking to see if you can find a unique piece you really like to complement your home.