National Garden Scheme in Chigwell

July 22nd 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
National Garden Scheme in Chigwell

Did you know that 37 Turpins Lane Chigwell open their gardens as part of the National Garden Scheme - Open Gardens? If you are out and about in Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford and want to take in a local garden you are in for a treat.

The fabulous Chigwell garden featured on BBC TV Gardeners World and was runner-up in the Daily Mail’s National Garden Competition 2017. 37 Turpins Lane Chigwell was also awarded 2nd place by Gardeners News for Best Small Garden in 2017.

It really is an unexpected hidden, magical, part-walled garden. It really does demonstrate how much can be achieved in a small Chigwell space. It offers an oasis of calm with densely planted rich, lush foliage, tree ferns, Hostas, topiary and an abundance of well-maintained shrubs. All this planting is complemented by a small pond and 3 water features designed for all year round interest.

The next time the Chigwell garden is open is this Sunday 29th July from 11 am until 6 pm.   Admission is £3, and children can come in for free. You can telephone: 0208 5050 739 to arrange a visit by appointment. 

The National Garden Scheme has been in operation since 1927 and has been inviting garden owners to open their exceptional gardens to the public for good causes. The scheme gives people a unique access to some of Britain’s most beautiful, memorable gardens for around the same cost of a cup of tea and a slice of cake including the Chigwell garden.

Over the last 90 years, they have collected and donated £50 million to charities across the UK. Originally the scheme was set up to support district nurses, and it remains one of the most significant charitable funders of nursing and caring charities in the UK. In 2018, they donated a record £3.1 million from funds raised at gardens open in 2017and a huge 82p in every £1 fundraised goes straight to their beneficiaries.