Museum of London 

December 12th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Museum of London 

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, the delight of moving your family to Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford is the opportunity to have London on your doorstep. There is so much to do and so much to see. If you haven’t yet taken your family to the Museum of London perhaps this holiday is the time. 

At the Museum of London, you can discover prehistoric London and see how the city changed under Romans and Saxons, wonder at medieval London and examine the tumultuous years when London was ravaged by civil wars, plague and fire. Then other Galleries show you Modern London where you can walk the streets of Victorian London, take a stroll in recreated pleasure gardens and marvel at the magnificent Lord Mayor’s Coach.

The also run a host of special events, from 8th December to 29 December 2018 they are offering Hands-on history. Literally an opportunity to get hands-on with history at an object handling table for families, with their team of dedicated volunteers. This is an activity for families with a minimum age of 5. It is free and you can just drop in to hold a piece of history in your hand.

Then running until the 5th January 2020 is the exhibition called Beasts of London. In that exhibition, you can meet the animals who have shaped London's history. This is for anyone interested in history and animals but has a minimum age of 7 and it costs £20 for a family ticket.

In Beast you step into an immersive tour through London’s history, narrated by the animals who once lived here. The fascinating role animals have played in shaping the capital, from the Roman era through Medieval London and right up to the present day is narrated by the beasts themselves. Discover how animals from lions and elephants, to horses, rats and pigeons have shaped the city. on?venue=Museum%20of%20London