Making a fireplace for your home? 

March 4th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Making a fireplace for your home? 

Have you been enjoying a fireplace in your Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford home? If you haven’t maybe you are thinking of making a fireplace, especially in the light of recent temperatures. The fireplace has come back into fashion and for many is an essential part of designing a perfect living space. 

For a while,  stoves had become the ‘must have’ feature of any home. But fireplaces are not just for the cosy cottage look, they can work in a grand mansion or the lounge of the most contemporary of homes.  Fireplace and wood burner designs can range from the traditional cast iron styles, through to chic minimalist glass windows in the wall that simply slide up to feed the fire with logs. 

The good thing about wood burners other than that they add a real fire to a home is that they are highly efficient. They also offer a green alternative as wood burning is considered to be carbon neutral. A big change in recent years has been a vast increase in the efficiency of fires. They are no longer just a decorative feature. In most cases, a properly chosen and installed fire will be a delight to also heat a living space without wasting fuel. A glass-fronted fire will typically be two to three times as efficient as its open fronted equivalent without compromising on the look.

If a wood fire really is not your thing you can still have a fireplace with the convenience of remote control.  There are plenty of gas fires with spectacular flame effects and a wider choice of styles than ever before. You could have a fireplace two metres wide, with one, two or three sides, and even tunnel fires that link two rooms in a home together. 

Ash & Embers in Abridge showrooms can be found between Chigwell and Theydon Bois. You will be spoilt for choice when making a fireplace in your Loughton, Woodford or Chigwell home.