Kung Fu in Chigwell

April 23rd 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

Kung Fu and Chigwell are not necessarily what you would ordinarily think of as being compatible. But Chigwell has more to it than meets the eye. EWCA Family Kung Fu offers a wide range of class types teaching Kung Fu all over Essex and one of their regular venues is The Grange Farm Centre in Chigwell.

The Chigwell Grange Farm Centre offers a great set of facilities for lots of clubs and activities. Because the Chigwell facilities are so accommodating and good EWCA Family Kung Fu are able to teach three classes over the course of one evening. The Kung Fu classes run on Tuesdays and start with the Little Dragons class at 6:00 pm which teaches Kung Fu to children aged 3 to 5 years. The class builds confidence and basic motor skills along with exercise and self-defence and the parent and child work together.

After Little Dragons at 6:30 pm, the very popular kids Kung Fu class starts. The Chigwell Centre has air conditioners in the hall which really helps as the classes can get pretty physical. Then at 7.30 there is an adult class as the Spring comes and through the Summer months the doors onto the patio and fields at the centre can be opened up and there is room to train outside. The outside space is invaluable when it comes to training with weapons like poles. 

Kung-Fu is one of the most ancient of all martial arts and it is possible to trace its roots back more than 4,000 years. It is widely thought that it was practised by soldiers for direct use in battlefield combat as one of the earliest forms of Chinese martial arts. Ancient legend states that weapons and hand-to-hand martial arts’ techniques were propagated by China’s Yellow Emperor before he rose to the imperial throne in 2698 BC.

If you would like to book a space in Chigwell for yourself or your child or even both of you then please call Che on 07913326496.