Is the boiling water tap for you?

November 10th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge

Granite worktops, American-style fridges to shiny, integrated coffee machines adorn many a Chigwell kitchen but what about a boiling water tap? Kirstie Allsopp property style guru is leading the trend on this she says she adores her ‘amazing but expensive’ boiling water tap. ‘If I were getting married, I’d say sod everything else and get everyone to chip in for a boiling water tap.’ She said.
In a survey by home interior website Houzz, they topped the list of the most sought-after kitchen appliance. Boiling water taps can be used for making hot drinks, filling cooking pans and sterilising baby bottles. Lisa Roberts-Goldner, of interior design company The Open Plan, says that when she started work 13 years ago, they were very expensive and only for ‘very wealthy clients’. But now, they are much cheaper and very ‘popular.”
‘Normally, it’s the men who want them — they see them as stylish and more convenient. They may be expensive but Andy Smale, of energy consultancy Expert Energy, says: ‘They draw a small amount of power continuously to keep the water hot all the time, and this can cost more than boiling a kettle a few times a day.’
There is only one drawback tea purists argue that while boiling water taps may be useful time-savers, for example when it comes to cooking pasta and vegetables, they are not recommended for making a really good cup of tea. ‘They are usually not controllable in terms of the different temperatures required for brewing different teas, as they are set at just one temperature,’ says Jane Pettigrew, of the UK Tea Academy.

Photo: Palma Instant Boiling Water Kitchen Tap (Includes Tap, Boiler + Filter)