Home alone for Christmas

December 24th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Home alone for Christmas

Sometime we might find ourselves at some stage of life home alone for Christmas in Woodford Loughton or Woodford. If you're spending Christmas alone this Christmas, or just want to do something different you can get involved in a different way of doing Christmas at Woodford Christian Life Fellowship Holy Trinity Church Hall, 185 Hermon Hill, London, E18 1QQ

On Christmas Day 25th December 2019, they are hosting a Christmas day lunch and mini-party from 12:30 - 2:3-pm. There will be food and some festive fun with music and a good local company. Attendance is free but requires your R.S.V.P via email southwoodford@clfi.org or message 07782 316038. It is good to know that there are events that can support people at times of year that can be difficult or lonely for some. 

Holy Trinity Church was built like much of the property around Chigwell, Loughton and Woodford in response to the increase in population and its movement outwards to the suburbs. The continuing effects of the industrial revolution from the first half of the 19th century brought grinding poverty to many of the already depressed portions of the population but, in conjunction with social legislation in the fields of health and education, it also brought increasing prosperity to the middle and lower classes in the white-collar and artisan sectors, engendering in the Mr Pooters, his betters and inferiors, a desire for improved living conditions in green and pleasant surroundings.

The agents for this outward movement were, of course, the railway entrepreneurs on whose heels came to the property developers, and the “ragged-trousered philanthropists”, ready and willing to erect gentlemen’s residences and estates of more modest dwellings for sale or, much more frequently for letting on the acres of large mansions which were then coming on to the market and which were themselves being vacated because of the same influences.

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