Frost Fair in Epping Forest

December 12th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Frost Fair in Epping Forest

If there is more snowy weather like last weekend Epping Forests annual Frost Fair on Saturday 16th Dec 2017 and Sunday 17th Dec 2017 should be a delight. Living in Chingford, Woodford or Loughton means accessing the activities in and around Epping Forest are always easy and there is always something to do. In winter time the magic of Epping Forest can only be enhanced by some snowy weather adding to the festive fun in what is always a seasonal, woodland atmosphere. 

At the Frost Fair there promises to be a host of local craft stalls to browse around. Taking some time to look at and handle gift potentials can offer a perfect antidote to the remoteness of online shopping or the hustle and bustle of busy high street Christmas shopping. 

The Frost Fair setting in Epping Forest will be transformed into a traditional festive scene with seasonal refreshments available at the pop-up après-ski terrace. If tickets to see Father Christmas at his Forest grotto are what you are after you need to book in advance £14.95 includes a toy. But if Santa is sold out, don’t worry; there’s  plenty of other fun activities to take part in, there will be seasonal songs, storytelling, a woodland trail and maybe a visit from the Frost Queen on her woodland sleigh.

These activities are running from 10am to 4pm on both days and its just £4 for a children’s ‘active-ski pass’ which provides five additional seasonal craft activities. Otherwise, for adults admission is free Pop along for a mulled wine or hot chocolate and join in the wintery celebrations. At The View 6 Rangers Road Chingford  E4 7QH Tel: 020 7332 1911.