Creating your very own dressing room

September 18th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Creating your very own dressing room

If you like to dress to impress a walk-in wardrobe and or dressing room will be high up on your Chigwell or Loughton new home wish list. Here is a bit of check list to help you think through designing a dressing room that works for you.
Choosing the right dressing room depends on how you like to store your clothes, do you prefer hanging or folding garments, don’t forget asking yourself how you like to store your shoes, handbags, swimwear and accessories, sometimes these kinds of things can be the most challenging to store and access neatly.
Shelves instead of drawers are great for jumpers and jeans, using dividers and designated compartments to keep your clothes in a neat pile. Hanging space is a must; make sure you have enough room for full-length garments, and think about being able to double your storage by incorporating shorter hanging if you only need to hang trousers.
You’ll need somewhere to sit and try on shoes, sort out items or simply relaxing on an ottoman in the centre of a dressing room is a great way to add grandeur to a space.
Lighting is key - it’s a good idea if you can, to put your dressing table in front of a natural light source. If this isn’t possible, make sure you add some spot lighting aim for the magic number of at least five light sources.
A mirror is a must, and floor-to-ceiling designs can really give the wow factor. If you don’t have wall space as you have used it all for  storage mirrored wardrobe doors work a treat as does hanging a mirror on the inside of a door.