It's time to sell

It's time to sell

It's time to sell

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Let one of our experienced staff value your home and answer any of your questions


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When you sell with Lawlor’s our objective is more than simply finding a buyer, it’s even more than achieving, “the highest price in the shortest possible time”. We take that as a given and aim to deliver not only the best price but the smoothest selling experience possible.

Delivering the best moving experience can be challenging, we know that some things will be outside of our direct influence. When things get tough it’s good to have the Lawlor’s team on your side, as we draw on a depth and breadth of experience to solve problems. We pride ourselves on great communication coupled with an  openness,  we will discuss any situation with you and then act decisively in your best interests... always!

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The percentage of the final selling price Lawlors achieve



The average number of days a property is "on the market" with Lawlors



The average number of viewings Lawlors arrange to generate a  sale



The average number of days taken from sale agreed to exchange of contracts



* Average calculated from Lawlors sales 01/01/17 - 30/04/17

Our Selling Guide

Is there a good time to put my house on the market?

We can find buyers for a property at any time of the year, although some properties will have a seasonal appeal and it makes sense to wait for the right time if possible. Spring is still the most popular time for Sellers followed by Autumn but some sellers take advantage of other times, as fewer properties on the market increases the chances of an early sale.


How can I make sure my house is attractive to buyers?

Our experience shows that a well presented home not only sells faster but for a better price. Start by looking at the first impressions made by the front of your house and attend to any maintenance that will improve its visual appeal. Your garden is a key area to tidy and maintain. Internally, de-cluttering, or putting items into attractive boxes, will help your property look bigger. Other tips include creating light in dark rooms, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour and even changing taps and door handles can have a big impact for a low expense.


Who will come along and value my home?

Lawlors will only ever send you an experienced, professional senior member of our team equipped to discuss market conditions, comparable properties sold, marketing plans and technical aspects of moving.  First and foremost we will listen to understand your goals and priorities, which shape our advice.

How and when will you contact me?

We believe open communication and being responsive to your needs is the bedrock of our relationship.  We will contact you with the feedback of every viewing and separately, we call weekly to review our progress together and make sure we're on track to get you moving.


What marketing will you use to help me sell my property?

Your Lawlors negotiator will work with you to create a plan based on your preferences with the right mix of visible online and off line marketing. At the heart of it, it is bespoke and we use genuine professional photography to ensure your property stands out from the crowd.


Who will show buyers around my home?

Some clients use our open house service, some prefer us to escort the viewers individually; whatever your preference we will make sure an experienced member of our team is ready to answer the most commonly asked questions buyers have and completely understands the selling features of your home.


How long will it take to sell my house?

We usually find that where a full marketing plan is in place and an asking price that reflects comparable sales and buyer demand that properties take between two and six weeks to sell, this does vary with the season, the exact location and type of property.

What happens when an offer is made on my property?

When a buyer puts forward an offer, Lawlors sales negotiators will verify the buyer’s ability to raise finances and check chain details, as well as timescales and other background information. If you are unsure, we can also advise whether to accept the offer or wait to see if the market responds further. 


And after the offer is accepted?

Lawlors offer a legal service, Lawlors Conveyancing, who can act as your legal representation. We also remain in close contact with you throughout the process and oversee your sale all the way through to the day you move. Click here to see our Lawlors Conveyancing page…Lawlors conveyancing


What’s Lawlors secret to being such a successful Estate Agent?

Lawlors approach is tailored to your specific moving goals, so we first meet and listen closely to what you want to achieve. Then we take a collaborative approach to your property ensuring that your wishes are taken in to account and the property is presented as you would wish. Finally, we show unparalleled dedication to getting the job done.

Helping you along the way...

2-4 Weeks before moving day

  • ask at least three removal companies for a quote - we can recommend some if you like.
  • arrange mail-forwarding with Royal Mail.
  • if you need hotel accommodation during your move, book it well in advance.

The last couple of days

Inform the following of your change of address:

  • your gas, electricity and telephone companies. (remember to take meter readings on your last day)
  • driving licence
  • vehicle keeper details - you will need to complete the relevant section on your V5 document.
  • insurance companies for          -motor, life, critical illness, health, house, contents & pets.
  • water company
  • dentist, doctor, optician, vet etc
  • your mobile phone company
  • council tax office
  • TV licensing (
  • employer
  • bank/credit card or building societies
  • inland revenue (
  • any schools
  • cancel any newsagent or milk deliveries
  • don't forget to tell your friends and family!

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Sound advice, I would highly recommend

I would like to say that my wife and I have been very fortunate to have our house sale and the new purchase go through very smoothly. This is all thanks to Chris Rawlings at the Woodford branch and his wonderful team of friendly and helpful staff. We really couldn't have asked for a better professional service from Chris. We received good sound advice, ideas and tips to help us along the way. I would highly recommend Lawlors over the other local agents!

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