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After working with Global Properties throughout the 1990s selling high end homes, I embarked on establishing my own property sales and marketing company having secured a lucrative UK marketing contract in 2004, and established strong professional business associations with key developers. Ensuring that I kept myself up to date with what was happening within the economic downturn I could “see the writing on the wall” in terms of the lack of demand for overseas property in 2009 and with my daughter gaining a place at a UK University to study Law, I decided to re locate back to the UK in 2009. This arrival back to the UK coincided with the Lawlors Elite Department being created and I joined the team as a Senior Sales Consultant.  In 2014 I was promoted to the Elite Homes Manager.  

I have 2 children and I am extremely family orientated.  I have a great love of travel, I lived overseas for a number of years and now continue to follow my passion in my spare time.  I belong to Nuffield health gym and visit the theatre as often as I can.

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