The Elite team...

Lawlors Elite is handled by just a select few individuals. The team is headed by our Elite Homes manager Steve Gabbani and he is aided by our Senior Managers, Tracy King and Chris Rawlings. Between them they deliver a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the upper end of the market for Chigwell, Loughton and Woodford.


Achieving the best price

The key to achieving the best price in our opinion is to list at a price where the property starts to gain interest and traction immediately, our role involves managing the marketing and driving interest and competition in the property.

Achieving the best price is actually hindered by over pricing which nearly always results in delays and frustration. The ability to advise on the optimum asking price relies on a thorough understanding of past sales, price per square foot etc and current market trends as well as critically who is in the market to buy now. Lawlors have an enviable track record of successful outcomes for our clients which you can view below.

Bespoke Marketing

Lawlors have long had an affinity with larger family homes in our area and our experience of over 25 years has helped us to refine our systems and processes to adapt to our clients’ needs and preferences, having said that every Elite sale is a completely bespoke situation, with communication and marketing agreed on an individual basis.

Lawlors use top quality professional photography to draw out the lifestyle features of your property, this then forms the basis of our brochures and internet presentations

Discretion Assured

Whether you opt for full marketing or a more low-key approach, Lawlors promise is to exercise the maximum discretion. We are often entrusted in the course of our dealings with client’s property, many of whom are high profile in their chosen fields, their personal circumstances, financial situations and reasons for selling.

As your trusted advisers, we ensure that we do not reveal anything more than is strictly necessary to the execution of our duties, many clients instruct us for this reason alone.


Whether a sale proceeds to a successful outcome or not can often be traced back to the care and attention that was used when the sale was first put together.

As well as price which of course is extremely important other critical factors include fixtures, fittings, timescales for exchange and completion, financial arrangements and even personal circumstances all of which can potentially lead to delays and complications which can derail a sale if they are not discussed and anticipated before the sale is agreed.

Sometimes it is important to discuss the foibles of a particular property with the buyer due to its age or construction before it is raised at survey, sometimes it is simply helping buyers and sellers achieve a greater understanding of the inherent issues within the conveyancing process itself.

All of this takes experience and great communication skills, strong suits of our Elite Service.

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