Writing a New Home brief?

November 20th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Writing a New Home brief?

For some there is nothing more exciting that moving into a new home in Chigwell than actually designing one from scratch. But before you can even begin to design your own home you need to establish a clear brief for the project.
A brief is more than just a wish list it needs to cover all aspects of the project: size, appearance, location, orientation, sensory qualities, cost, construction methods,  it will form the foundation of your design objectives, which you will refer back to constantly and, so, requires careful consideration.

It can help to follow a step-by-step process  but don’t worry about getting it right first time, what matters is getting it out of your head and down on paper so that the project can start to move forward.
1. Compile a list of ‘likes’ and then analyse them. The first step in designing your own home is to establish the sort of house you want to create and why.
2. Look more closely at how you live, look critically at how you live in your current home and consider how you want it to be different.
3. Draw up a list of spaces compile a list of the various rooms you hope to include in your new home.
4. Analyse the list.

5. Establish big-picture goals and priorities for the project take a step back and think about the project as a whole.
6. Finalise your list and address common mistakes. Take one last look at your list to check you are not guilty of any of the following: Focusing too much on aesthetics. Instead think more about quality, comfort and functionality. Thinking purely room by room. Ensure you have set real goals and values for your whole project from the outset.
Remember, the purpose of this exercise is to write things down, look at them, think about them and make decisions so you can move the project forward.