The Boxing Day sandwich

December 24th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
The Boxing Day sandwich

You don’t have to eat up all the turkey form your Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford home on Christmas Day or Boxing Day because a turkey sandwich can be enjoyed for the rest of the week. Nigel Slater says this is one meal he looks forward to more than any other, even more than Christmas lunch! It is that glorious Christmas treat: the Boxing Day sandwich.

He says “I know, it's just leftovers held between two slices of bread. But what leftovers! To my mind there is no better sandwich than the one I make on Boxing Day with the bits left over from the day before”

Nigel’s top tips for a sandwich is to be memorable and worthy of its accompanying glass of champagne are : The meat should be sliced thinly. You can never be too generous with the salt when serving cold meats and poultry. Bacon – crisp, streaky and smoked – is pretty much essential. Cranberry sauce, redcurrant jelly, chutney and slices of cold stuffing all have their place, as do crisp salad leaves. The mayonnaise is particularly good when seasoned with any of the following: capers, chopped gherkins, tarragon, lemon zest, lemon juice, dill, chilli sauce, paprika, wasabi paste, grated fresh horseradish, crème fraîche and chives, or seeded mustard. If the bread isn't as fresh it might be, then it is best lightly toasted.

Generosity is essential, but you will need to pick it up without it all spilling out about 150g of meat per person is more than adequate… but between Christmas and New Year who is counting?