Summer holiday camps in Woodford and Chigwell 

July 1st 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

With summer holiday camps in sight to keep the family busy through the holidays, it might be good to look up Barracudas in Woodford and Chigwell. Summer camps have rocketed to popularity in recent years in the UK. Over in America summer activity camps and holidays have long been successful. For decades students have flocked from all over the world to see new places, learn new skills, and make friends for life in US summer camps. 

Tutorful carried out an independent survey to find the UK's best activity day camps and summer schools, as rated by parents and students. To create their ultimate list of UK summer camps, they asked parents and students from across the UK to recommend the summer camps and schools that are absolutely worth a visit.

Recommendations flooded in for activity summer camps, STEM summer schools, arts, sports, drama, and 16+ summer camps to inspire children of all ages over the summer months and keep their minds active in preparation for the next school year.

Barracuda camps came out top for high quality, action-packed, fun holiday childcare. They are a family owned company offering a professional childcare service to families. Their programmes have been developed over 25 years. 

They are high-quality Ofsted inspected activity camps for children and young people aged 4 ½ - 14 years.  Ofsted has graded them 'Outstanding' more times than any other childcare provider – 21 times since 2014. They bring together professional and caring staff teams, fantastic facilities and best quality practice to offer the very best childcare through innovative programmes and activities to give children a choice to keep them busy and safe.

If you live in Chigwell or Woodford you have a Barracuda camp on your doorstep. They might not be for you or your kids but getting organised with your summer holiday plans early is worth doing.