Spa facilities as Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

April 3rd 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Spa facilities as Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

If you are looking for feel-good facilities close to Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford make sure you check out Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre. 170 Chingford Road, Walthamstow, London-Nearest station: Walthamstow Central. It was opened back in October 2016 and has an affordable luxury day spa as part of its facilities. This is unique spa offers you the perfect environment in which to restore both mind and body, as well as lift your spirits ready for the Spring.

The thermal spa therapies are at the heart of the Spa Experience offered at Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre. Spa therapies provide health benefits that have been enjoyed for thousands of years. Key to any spa is the combination of heat followed by cold can help to de-stress, relieve aches, pains and stiff joints, relax your muscles, detox your skin and aid respiration and blood flow. 

Traditionally thermal bath spa therapies include a range of facilities from Turkish Bath hot rooms based on a system dating back to Roman times.  These hot, dry air rooms vary from moderate to intense heats (you can move from the Tepidarium “warm room”, to the Caldarium “hot room” and Laconium “hottest room”) and are designed to relax the muscles and relieve the pain of rheumatism. They sit alongside Hammams, a relaxing heated seating area which can also be used as space to enjoy in between temperature experiences. 

They now include saunas, a ‘dry’ heat treatment in a wood-lined room with a temperature reaching 90 C, designed to induce perspiration in order to cleanse the body of impurities and plunge pools. And it is usually recommended that you alternate heat treatments with the brief immersion in the cold so the traditional Plunge Pool can be invaluable. Each dip in the icy pool will improve circulation by cooling the body; this can also improve cardiovascular health.