Loughton's theatre courses

June 11th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge

Loughton’s proximity to London has made its theatre courses legendary. For over 50 years, East 15 has produced actors, directors, theatre practitioners and technicians for the international stage, TV, film and radio. Just on the edge of East London, East 15 was founded by Margaret Bury. It grew from the work of Joan Littlewood’s famed Theatre Workshop, and broke new ground and has evolved into an “outstanding ensemble that combined inspired, improvisational brilliance with method, technique, research, text analysis and the intense expression of truthful emotion.” 

In 2000, East 15 in Loughton merged with the University of Essex, a leading UK research-intensive university. Much of the original theatre approach was based on the theories of Stanislavsky but over the years new training methods have now embraced.  Courses in approaches as diverse as practitioners such as Michael Chekhov, Rudolf Laban, Jerzy Grotowski, Jacques Lecoq, Peter Brook and other important contemporary trainers are available.

This summer several courses are running including a six-day week summer course in acting, called East 15 and the Theatre Workshop Tradition.  It offers an ideal opportunity, if you’re a student actor (aged 17 plus), a teacher or an experienced performer, to extend your talents and explore the methodologies of the School’s fuller programmes. It’s held at the Loughton Campus, Rectory Lane Loughton from Monday 16 July to Saturday 21 July 2018. 

East 15 graduates are known for their ability to quickly respond to any acting situation and to take risks in their acting choices. This course offers an introduction into a selection of the training methods, using some of Joan Littlewood and Theatre Workshop’s techniques. It blends Stanislavksi (reality before theatricality, given circumstances and backstories), Actions (from the external action to the internal thought and psychological world), and Laban (Space, Body, Dynamics and Relationships) in a 21st Century industry context.