Easter trees for the home

March 26th 2018
By: Melanie Hollidge
Easter trees for the home

A new craze for your Chigwell, Loughton or Woodford home in the form of Easter trees has hit the high street. Shops including John Lewis, Lidl and Tesco now stock Easter trees and decorations for trees. Carolyn Bailey, homes and garden editor at Good Housekeeping magazine, said the trend had inspired “DIY” Easter trees including placing branches of pussy willow in a large vase and decorating them with a large selection of baubles.

“We are definitely seeing the trend for Easter decoration is getting stronger and stronger every year,” Ms Bailey continued. “Easter weekend is now becoming an event and it is a great opportunity to decorate the house, and baubles are a big part of how you would decorate your house for Easter,” she told The Sunday. Another attractive way to use decorative baubles, she said, was to arrange them on the dining table in large bowls, mixed with faux or fresh flowers and pastel coloured table linen, or used to decorate Easter wreaths.

According to John Lewis baubles are not just for Christmas, the most popular bauble designs this year have featured sheep and rabbits. “We have done Easter trees and baubles for over five years now, and have seen sales continue to climb steadily.” 

“There is now a greater demand for a wider variety and choice of product as customers are shopping more for Easter and really investing in it as a season to celebrate with the family – there are many customers who bring out their Easter tree every spring as they do their Christmas tree in December.”

Ms Bailey said families were increasingly “getting together” at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and were exchanging small gifts a bit like at Christmas. Ms Rutherford added: “Customers are putting a bigger focus on making their homes more seasonal.” Last year, The Telegraph revealed how Easter crackers had become a trend. Commentators said that Easter was fast becoming like a “second Christmas”.