Deer walk in the park?

September 27th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Deer walk in the park?

Loughton, Chigwell and Woodford are just a quick train ride form the city but have all the benefits of the country. As the autumn arrives what could be better than getting out in Epping Forest for a Deer walk? On Sunday, 8th October why not join Forest Keeper Michael Collins on a walk looking out for evidence of the forest’s deer. The walk will explore some of the deer habitats within Epping Forest and the surrounding area. Meet at Lodge Road car park, Epping Forest (9.30am-1.30pm). No dogs allowed. £5 per person. Booking required. Ring 020 7332 1911
To give you a bit of a head start here is a bit of background to the deer that can be found: Fallow deer were introduced to Britain by the Normans in the 11th century when they were released into forests as highly prized quarry. The dark fallow deer are thought to have been introduced to the Forest from Scandinavia by King James I.
You can also find Muntjac deer in the forest. The 11th Duke of Bedford introduced the Muntjac, a small Asian deer, to his Woburn estate at the turn of the century. Escapees successfully bred and have now spread over much of the country. They have since become widespread throughout the Epping Forest district. The Muntjac is about the size of a Labrador dog, with a characteristic rounded back. They have a rich brown coat. The bucks have small pointed antlers and distinctive protruding canine teeth projecting from the upper jaw as short tusks.
The long-established fallow deer herd in South West Essex is a valued component of the Forest's ecosystem and an important part of Epping Forest's natural heritage. Come and see for yourselves.