Cricket in Loughton

July 10th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Cricket in Loughton

Been enjoying the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup? Then Cricket in Loughton is for you. What a wonderful competition the 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup it has been despite the weather. It was way back in April 2006 that the hosting rights were awarded to England and Wales and it has been the fifth time that the Cricket World Cup has been held in England and Wales. But if you are a cricket fan you probably know this. 

If you are keen to play more cricket living in locations like Chigwell, Loughton and Woodford make it easy. There are local clubs like Loughton Cricket club which was formed way back in 1879. It is one of only a few Essex clubs still to play in a picturesque town centre location. They have a beautiful cricket ground complete with an iconic thatched roof pavilion which is over 90 years old. 

But the history of Loughton Cricket Club does not mean they have neglected the modern game, they have three international standard practice nets and a completely renovated eighteen pitch cricket square. Alongside maintaining the old pavilion they have also built a new pavilion and replaced their old score box with a modern electronic scoring system upgraded in 2018 to the latest LED technology.

They have managed over the year as a non-profit making club that means all the funds raised for and through Loughton Cricket Club are invested back into the club to improve facilities and create chances for anyone to get involved in playing cricket. One of the key areas they have been developing is women’s cricket. They currently have a strong group of girls playing and look forward to building a women’s team, several of the girls from Loughton County Cricket Club already represent Essex.