Colour is back this Autumn

September 14th 2017
By: Melanie Hollidge
Colour is back this Autumn

As we start to spend more time indoors you might be looking around your Woodford, Loughton or Chigwell home craving some colour. If you are then you're in luck! Finally Interiors are beginning to more away from all white or grey.  More and more designers are returning to warmer, richer shades of brown, black, green.
For the interior colours of 2018 you can forget farmhouse white it going to be all about the drama say leading suppliers who have all announced cozy shades of black as their 2018 Colour of the Year, with names like Black Flame, Deep Onyx and Black Magic leading the way.
If you are not ready to go completely over to the dark side another rich deep dark colour that is making a comeback is brown. Audrey Margarite, the creative director of Bunny Williams Home, told Country Living that  “Adding chocolate brown to your decor and is the best way to add some luxe—especially in the fall," suggesting you, "Swap out your lighter coloured pillows and throws for this rich hue."
If brown still is a step too far, and as the green fades from the trees outside maybe you would consider a bit of green indoors.  For many designers things are going green especially kitchen cabinets, and statement walls.  And just a quick heads up! Don’t forget your ceilings or “fifth wall”. You will have heard of accent walls, but how about creating an accent ceiling? Ceilings can bring an often overlooked extra bit of class to a room with textured wallpaper or a bold colour of paint.