Chigwell Residents Association

May 20th 2019
By: Melanie Hollidge
Chigwell Residents Association

If you are living in or around Chigwell and want to get involved Chigwell’s Resident’s Association are always open to new residents joining their voice.  They seek to represent the interests of residents within the Parish of Chigwell, including Chigwell Village, Chigwell Row and Grange Hill and to protect the integrity of the area.

Their aim is to seek out the views of the residents in the Chigwell community and provide a voice for those who care about the village and want to make it a better place to live and work in. They are a voluntary organisation that represents around 300 households in Chigwell but more voices in the Chigwell Residents Association will only make the voices of the village louder. More people involved will also help protect the village and joining together will only help raise funds for the association and the village to function effectively. 

Like all residents associations, the Chigwell Resident’s Association is looking for input from locals and feedback from Chigwell residents on local issues relating to issues such as planning and development, highways, transport and parking. Recently there has been a big campaign to save Chigwell Library threatened with closure by Essex County Council. About 60,000 signatures were collected from residents opposing moves to close a third of the county’s libraries.

Sharon Morris grew up in Chigwell and regularly found a tranquil refuge at the library. She said: "Chigwell library was the only place that I could go to where I could have peace and quiet to read books and learn. "As a child, I would attend circle story-time with the other children where a librarian would read out magical stories to us in Chigwell Library. "I qualified as a teacher because I was able to gain access to books and information in Chigwell Library.” 

Getting involved with Chigwell Residents Association can only make the village and the area an even better place to live.